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About OR Valves

Automatic Air Vents Valmat - Code 502 - 1/2" - 1"

The automatic air vent "Valmat" has a single automatic float and carries out two main functions: the evacuation of a consistent air flow through a pipeline (e.g., during loading/pressurization of the plant) and degassing, which discharges air trapped or formed in the pipeline, while functioning. This valve has a paramount importance in climatisation networks and systems, evacuating and discharging trapped air in water pipes for services under pressure. Moreover, as thoroughly documented in European Standard EN 14868, the presence of oxygen in heating systems can provoke anodic corrosion, noise, air pockets, obstructions, etc., that may significantly compromise the performance and integrity of the systems. Further, its reduced space requirements make this valve ideal for use inside modern heat generators, where air must be evacuated from the circulation pumps in order to prevent unwanted cavitation phenomena.

Automatic Air Vents High Flow Capacity PN 16 - Code. 0498 - 3/4" - 1"

The "High Flow Capacity" model automatic air vent is an automatic valve with single float, used for the evacuation and discharge of large volumes of air from water supply pipes. This sort of air vent may only be installed vertically. In order to maximize the efficiency of the discharge, it should be installed at the highest points in the system or, if this is not possible, a TE fitting should be installed at the inlet, as in figure A. When installing at the top of an ascension pipe, a conveyable discharge hose can be installed. The particular spherical profile of the internal floater-obturator in special thermoplastic rubber forestalls water spatter during the sealing phase, in closure. The absence of sliding guides, hence drag, allows the spherical floater an elevated velocity and precision in closing besides avoiding dangerous incrustations. At the discharge outlet there is a protective catch for dust and lint, which, over time, could deposit upon the opening of the cap, obstructing it; moreover, being perforated, anti-tampering seals may be used in compliance with legislation currently in force. The lower anti-spray guard allows the even distribution of hydraulic thrust across the entire surface of the sphere, limiting the turbulence to a minimum and guaranteeing a highly precise closure. The "High Flow Capacity" automatic air vent is used in conditioning plants, sanitary installations for water distribution destined for human consumption outside buildings under EN 805, and irrigation plants. The simplicity of the High Flow Capacity air vent renders maintenance usually unnecessary. However, in the event of water outflow from the upper seat of the air vent, substitute the internal sphere-obturator, which is easily accessible by dismounting the body cap. In case of prolonged inactivity, the device should be disinfected according to EN 805 ยง 12. This product adheres to the standards set forth by the European health authorities for the transport of alimentary fluids and potable water.

Pressure Reducing Valves With Piston PN 25 - Code. 0233.1 - 1/2" - 4"

The PISTON-type pressure reducing valve PN 25 is an automatic valve that reduces and stabilizes the pressure of a uid in a water distribution conduit according to a preset value. The use of this hydraulic device is necessary if the maximum possible pressure at any point in the water distribution system can reach or exceed the relative maximum allowable working pressure, or if connectable to apparatus and equipment that function exclusively at lower levels of pressure. The piston-type pressure reducing valve is designed for use in either internal or external water distribution systems, where the water main pressure values do not surpass 25 bar. The thermoplastic material of the internal piston structure guarantees rigidity, strength and an enhanced regulation precision thanks to the compensated seat. The O-rings, in antistick-slip Perox EPDM elastomer with a low coef cient of friction, are durable and require only limited maintenance interventions. The internal nish of the body and the broader dimensions of the passage allow an elevated ow even with a minimal water draw. The piston-type pressure reducing valve (PN 25) is used in air conditioning plants, sanitary installations for water supply, irrigation systems, compressed air (not oil mist) distribution systems, re suppression piping (it should be borne in mind that local government standards for re protection must always be observed), and sanitary installations for water supply in buildings (according to EN 806-2 and EN 805). This product adheres to the standards set forth by the European health authorities for the transport of alimentary uids and potable water.