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Features :

The automatic air vent "Valmat "has a single automatic float and carries out two main functions: the evacuation of a consistent air flow through a pipeline (e.g., during loading/pressurization of the plant) and degassing, which discharges air trapped or formed in the pipeline, while functioning. This valve has a paramount importance in climatisation networks and systems, evacuating and discharging trapped air in water pipes for services under pressure. Moreover, as thoroughly documented in European Standard EN 14868, the presence of oxygen in heating systems can provoke anodic corrosion, noise, air pockets, obstructions, etc., that may significantly compromise the performance and integrity of the systems. Further, its reduced space requirements make this valve ideal for use inside modern heat generators, where air must be evacuated from the circulation pumps in order to prevent unwanted cavitation phenomena.

Technical Features :

  • Maximum allowable working pressure (PN) 10 bar, minimum sealing pressure 0.2 bar (Grade A according to EN 12266-1), range of operation air evacuation from 0.5 bar to 7 bar (tolerance ± 10% max. detected)
  • maximum working temperature (TS) 0oC (excluding ice) +110oC
  • Heat transfer fluids in compliance with Italian national standards (UNI 8065 § 6) Glycolate solutions (glycol) 50%
  • Pipeline connection Threads according to ISO 228/1
  • Requirements and tests as per EN 1074-4 (together with additional requisites under FL.GQ.11)